Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The worlds greatest awesome apps and security apps.

Best Apple apps:

In this world apple is a great IT platform which Makes many popular products such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iwatch, Mac book etc. Apple also released browser and operating systems etc. We can get the best iPhone apps from apple app store.  Below I have introduced some best iPhone apps.

YouTube release best iPhone apps which is one of the greatest apps in the world. It will work with the iPod and also the upcoming iPhone IOS 6. You Tube is one of the greatest platforms which makes up one fourth percent mobile view at present. Now apple user can get it from YouTube.com. The best iPhone apps have a great popularity.


The snapchat is a social app and now it is more popular as the best iPhone apps. Now a day 200 million snaps are sharing. This best apps are working with apple and Android based phone or tab.


If anybody interested in social networking and want to control the photo or post from unknown people so he or she can use this best iPhone apps. It will ensure your privacy. tickWell is that type of the best iPhone apps which can get more security from unexpected subject and also help any close relationship. In your close relationships with additional privacy on a social networking platform.


Mobiscope is another best iPhone apps of  apple. Mobiscope can monitor your child, To watch your pets, to ensure the security of your property etc. You can also view public cams located. It is an effective security app which is a best iPhone apps.

Find my iPhone:

This best iPhone apps helps you to find lost or stolen iPhone. To locket your device finds my iPhone is a perfect app.


It is very fast and brightly also simple. It helps to darkness by giving the direction. It is the only one which works with compass. This best iPhone apps almost support iPhone and iPad. It works into the cameras led flash so the light is brighter more.

Best Android Apps:

Android is a popular open source OS by Google. Now it's popularity increase day by day. We can get huge apps from google play. In bellow we shall introduce some popular apps.

Strava Cycling: 

Strava Cycling is one of the most effective GPs apps for Android based smart phone and tab.It is very helpful for a driver to drive any place to another.You can also analysis your performance.To your record you you can see the map of your riding. From sensor you also collect heart rate data and you can upload huge free unlimited rides.

Lazy Snakes:

Lazy snake is an awesome app. It is too lazy and also not aggressive. It's a challenging game and all ages people can get interest to play it. It's very beautiful to see in its graphical interface. It has one hundred more level and also it will update. Lazy snake is very easy to play, so interesting and challenging. It has Gravity changing elements, Bouncing board and G Sensor control. So you can enjoy it very much. It is fully free and you can get it to Google play.

ANT Radio Service:

ANT Radio Service is a very useful to any person who is conscious about health, sports and fitness. It can allow your data in real time. You can  check your blood pressure, heart bit rate and also the foot pod by the ANT+™ sensor. Ant+ gives you perfect data that is its Highly power effective result.

Best Windows phone apps:

Windows phone is a popular platform and it has a wonderful future for a smartphone operating system and apps. Windows phone apps now are becoming available for us. Windows Phone App Studio is increasing the possibility for getting so wonderful apps from the app developer. Here I am mentioning some great apps short reviews.


6Tag is a wonderful video sharing app that can instant share to FB, twitter, Vk etc. Yo can upload photo and video and also applying filters and then tag to friends. You can also do video recording and cut scene with this app.

Baby Monitor:

Baby monitor app does help parents to monitor their baby. IT can create a secured connection into Phone and PC for video and audio based monitoring. Your PC microphone and webcam are working as sensor and phone works as a monitor, when you use the app.


Wikipedia is one of the greatest windows phone apps in the marketplace. It supports 100 languages and also works in offline mode without internet connection. You can find out of your favorite article and share any article on FB, twitter etc.


Runtastic is a fitness based app that is tracked to your personal activities such as indoor and outdoor activities. It helps you to burn fat and work for wet loss. It is a GPS tracking app. It works for various statistics and give up the training history.